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It Starts With Just One Bite..


I’ve always had a passion for bbq food, ‘braai’ as it is called in Southern African parts of the World. Unforgettable memories of a beautiful starlit night as my family and friends gather for a late night bbq. Beef, boerwors sausages and ribs were always a favourite on the charcoal grill. Not as much chicken. I have tasted a lot of good chicken recipes  over the decades  but it was obvious that chicken was always at the bottom of choice meats. 

Inspired by an old Mozambican recipe for braai chicken, I started playing with the recipe and in the process, produced  a  Chicken marinade which is far superior to all others. Seven years later, I present to you.....'Pete's Chicken Marinade’. 

How can I best describe an amazing taste  to someone who has never tried it before? Difficult right? 

Well, we have been compared to Nandos which is a huge compliment considering who they are. We have also been told that our flavours are way better than Nandos which in essence sets us apart!

The taste is bright, unique and tangy. With a fresh lemon base, the flavours go deep inside the chicken. With every bite right down to the bone, there is an explosion of flavours that will leave you craving for more.  The chilli and all the other ingredients are well balanced so as not to leave your face red. My kids enjoy a drumstick or three! However, there is an extra hot version that can be made to order for all the hot heads out there.

It starts with a single bite. The unique aroma and taste will have you Hooked And Craving For More!

Click Here For Video Of Carla Hall (Food Network USA) Describing Pete's Chicken Marinade.

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